2024 Boyertown Ambulance Subscription

This subscription will cover any emergency ambulance call that the Boyertown Ambulance responds to. It allows us to bill your insurance directly. Whatever your insurance pays, we will accept the amount as payment in full.

Please remember if you receive payment from your insurance company, it is YOUR responsibility to forward that payment to the Boyertown Ambulance.


Subscription details:

Individuals: The person whose name is listed on the subscription and only that person.

Married couples and any children age 18 and under: Children over 18 years old that are under their parents’ insurance and living at home are also covered. Any children born during the covered year will automatically be covered under the family plan.
Couples Living Together: Couples will be covered under a family subscription as long as both are living in the same household. Any children 18 and under are also covered as long as they live at home.
Elderly People Living with Their Children: Elderly people living with their children are not covered by their children’s subscription and they must have their own subscription.

If a subscriber has an individual subscription and gets married during the covered year, he/she can keep their individual subscription and get an individual subscription for his/her spouse or change over to a family subscription by paying $20.00 and giving us the spouse’s name to be added to the plan.

If a subscriber moves out of the coverage area during the covered year, his/her coverage will not be valid and he/she will not be covered from the date of relocation outside the overage area. There will be no refund or adjustment made. Patient assessments without transportation are limited up to three (3) during the coverage period. The Boyertown Community Ambulance Service will accept subscriptions from the coverage area regardless of the subscriber’s sex, race, age, religion or nationality.


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