Stand-By requests

Boyertown Community Ambulance Service Stand-By Services

Are you holding a special event? Do you need trained emergency medical professionals to stand by at your event? If so, the Boyertown Community Ambulance Service can help! We provide stand-by services at several different levels. To determine what level of service you need, please refer to the list below.

  • LEVEL 1 (Dedicated ALS) - $70.00/hour
    Includes an ambulance staffed with one Paramedic and one EMT that is dedicated to your event

  • LEVEL 2 (Dedicated BLS) - $50.00/hour
    Includes an ambulance staffed with one EMT and either another EMT or a Emergency Medical Responder that is dedicated to your event

  • LEVEL 3 (Dedicated EMT) - $35.00/hour
    Includes our Squad staffed with one EMT that is dedicated to your event

If you would like our services for standing by at your event, please contact Jim Boyer, EMS Chief at  or at (610)367-2330 during business hours. Any stand-by requests must be placed on our Stand-By Request Form.

Please note, all fees begin with a three-hour minimum. For example, if your event is only two hours long, you are responsible to pay for three hours. 

*Holiday Events add $150 to the total amount due

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